Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Friday.

Such a tiring but fun day today. :)

College as usual today. Class at 8.30am. After 3.15pm, went to Pyramid to watch movie. Wanted to watch a happy show, and not a depressing show. Ended up watching A HORROR MOVIE. AGAIN. :( Hong Kong Horror Movie. No idea whose idea it was to watch that movie but yea, best not to find out. Bought a big popcorn, (LARGEST) for all of us to share. (Ayako, Tracy, Albert, Daniel, Zhen Yil.)

The movie was funny at some point. BUT the freaking sound is soooo eerie. Kinda hated the movie all in all. And the ironic part was the movie has 2 parts. So after one part, the other one started. Both totally different movies. :O Ayako was like, "Aiyooo! Second Part somemore ar!". I was likee SHYYYTTTT. Nuff said. Manage to survive the whole movie. :/ Barely surived some parts though. :/ PLEASE WATCH A HAPPY MOVIE THE NEXT TIME. :)

After movie, it was raining heavily. Decided to stay at Pyramid for dinner. Ate at Kim Gary. Ohhyeaa, sat in Daniel's Car today! :D He droveee! I mean when going back time, me, Ayako and Albert were in his car. He dropped us at our cars. After that, went SS15 with Albert. Was kinda hard getting a parking spot but managed to find it. :) Wanted to go Snowflakes, but then there was another newly-opened shop! BlackBall! It's kinda the same concept as Snowflakes so we decided to try the dessert there.

Their Signature one. RM6.50. Super big bowl and worth the money. :)
It's bigger than Snowflakes. :O

I have no idea why BlackBall would wanna open its outlet below Snowflakes there. Won't there be a competition between them or something? :/
Left the place around 11pm ++. Wanted to hang longer but was kinda tired and need to do my assignments too. :/

Wanted to blog about this sooo badly a few days ago but didn't have the time!

Self french-manicured. :D The base coat, using Faceshop Nail Strengthener. ;)

Current Nails!

Both Etude House Products. :) Nail Polish and the Nail Art from there. :)
I did not use any glue to stick it on. Just used base coat and yea.:)
Ain't perfect coz I did it in a hurry. :(
The base was not applied well too. D:
Will come up with a better nail design in future.

Till then,


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