Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Supershow 3 to Supershow 4

Super Junior 5th Album, Mr Simple

Followed by the released of Version B. And then the repackaged Album, A-Cha. :)

FINALLY, SM decided on Supershow 4!!

Was at Supershow 3 Malaysia early this year. Bought the rockpitt tickets and was right infront of the stage!

RECAP- SUPERSHOW 3 Malaysia Early This Year

Got the Golden Ticket from Sg Wang on the released date itself. :)

Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium. It was pretty big and yea, that's the Main Stage. :)

All the ELFS with their lightsticks before the lights we all off-ed.

Opening of the Concert- Started off with Donghae. :) He was the first to come out.

Lee Teuk right infront of my very own eyes during the introduction of the members where they were all spunned around the whole stadium so that everyone could see them. Lee Teuk was there for like almost 6 or 7 minutes! :)

Henry and Donghae! <3 One of the best shots captured during SS3

Can't wait for SS4! BUT Malaysia is not on the tour list. SM.:"( Singapore is. So might be going Singapore IF SJ is not coming to Malaysia. Can't afford to miss SS4!


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