Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Iphone 4s - Disappointment?


The Iphone 4s is back after one year plus!

Apple never failed to amaze me. Their newly added features, are among the Siri Function and also their improvised camera!

More about the the Siri Function:-

Siri on iPhone 4S lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. Ask Siri to do things just by talking the way you talk. Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks back. Siri is so easy to use and does so much, you’ll keep finding more and more ways to use it.

Isn't it amazing that you can actually forget about touching your screen and just talk to the Iphone? If you are driving or something, you can just say "please send a message to Donghae for me", and the phone will actually answer you back and send the message. Not only that, it applies for Twitter and Facebook too! And also other sites.:)

Besides that, if you need to google out an important information, or if you are in a rush or something, all you need to do is speak to the phone,"I need to google out .....", the phone will perform the job for you.:) The phone actually understand what you are saying! Looks like you will also have a new friend.

On top of that, IOS 5 will definitely be something to look forward to. According to the official Apple website, the battery life does last much longer. I DOUBT that will be true. So yeaa. Iphone battery drains faster than a waterfall falling from it's peak. Also, the screen is still the same size. Kinda small still. If only Apple could change the outlook of the phone. Perhaps, their phone market will increase drastically. This time around, no change AT ALL in any of their phone aspects. JUST THE SAME AS LAST TIME. Except for the IOS and Camera and Siri.

Can't help myself saying that this time, Apple indeed FAILED. EPIC FAILURE. Their share market dropped OVERNIGHT! And Android, etc increased. Tim Cook, no offence, but Iphone4s is kinda a phail whale. :O

There are many pros on this phone. Based on the reviews. I mean, which company will release a negative press release? However, the cons are YET TO BE KNOWN. Till then,


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