Friday, October 14, 2011


Finally after a month since getting the tickets, 3RD Wave is finally here in Malaysia! :) They landed here yesterday. :) I love Brian Joo ALOT! :) Can't wait to see him tomorrow! Gonna snap snap snap every single shot of him! Hoping for a photo session to happen. IF NOT, then I shall try my very best to sneak and take photo with him. :P

Brian Joo! :D

Xander will be there too, Ex U-Kiss member. But yea, can't wait to see him either. :) But my top priority, Brian. ;)

The concert will be at Wisma FGA at Old Klang Road. Honestly, I have no idea where on earth is that place. But yea, Kelvin Yap will be fetching me tomorrow. So yea, I will be his "co-pilot". Thank you, Kelvin. :)

Will be attending the night session at 8pm tomorrow. Ayako will be attending the afternoon one. :( But somehow, I will be able to see her there too. :) Bugging her this afternoon at college to snap as many photos as she could. And I will be doing the same thing later at night. ;)

Hoping that we won't be having any difficulties finding the place. And hoping for no rain tomorrow too. :/ Super duper excited for tomorrow. :) Look out for my post tomorrow! Definitely will be entirely on the whole event, 3rd Wave.

Till then,


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