Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nicholas Teo Fan Meeting 2011

Nicholas Teo Fan Meeting And Autograph Session today at Subang Parade right beside TGI Friday. Went Parade to see him awhile for fun.:P My priority was to get a new CD Player. So yea. :)

The main stage (So called "STAGE")

Green Shirt people were his fan club. Majority elderly ones.:/

His car arriving.

I actually looked inside the car.LOL. And suddenly he ran out and I was like, who on earth just ran out? And then next, he was on the stage. (Y)

He was directly right infront of me. And yea,he sang a couple of songs. How I wished it was Brian Joo or Xander right infront of me though. Remembered the good times last week at Wisma FGA.

He looked into the camera. I THINK

The event was all in mandarin. Only understood roughly 1% of the whole thing. So yeaaa.

I didn't get his autograph though. Not gonna waste my $$ for his album, at 45.90. I'd rather use it for my Super Junior or Infinite album or anything related to Kpop.;)



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