Friday, September 30, 2011

Super Junior Hari Belia 2011

This post will about Hari Belia 2011 on the 28th of May this year at Putrajaya! Thanks to Rachael, I was able to go and see Super Junior M performed LIVE! Seen them in March already during Supershow 3. BUT wasn't sufficient enough. :'D Ohhyea, if you wanna take out any of this photos, please do so with Credit! Kamsahamnida! :) Some of the photos are blur as there were 2 stages that time, the main and secondary stage. I was at the secondary stage there. So if you do see the blur photos, it's taken from the mainstage.:/


Awesome Lighting!

DARKNESS. The crowd was waiting anxiously for Super Junior M to appear!



From left: Ryeo Wook, Henry, Sungmin


Zhou Mi

Kyu Hyun

Ryeo Wook and Henry

Henry looking super CUTEE. <3

Sungmin hugging a girl fan. :(

Zhoumi! :( NOT FAIRRR

PFSHH. Lucky girl to be able to get a hug from Kyu Hyun. :(

Ryeo Wook! This photo was taken right infront of my very own eyes! :)
This is for my friend, Kelly Liew. :)

Kyu Hyun for Serinnah Van Buerle! :)

Eun Hyuk

Interviewing the Members at the Secondary Stage! Right infront of me! :D

Henry looking super cute and laughing.;)

I love Zhou Mi's glasses! :)

Looked as if Henry was singing to me. x)


This was take right infront of me too. Can actually grab them if there wasn't a stupid barrier blocking. Blue Tomorrow Performance. :)

And Henry was right INFRONT OF ME! DIRECTLY!

Super Junior M thanking the crowd! There were soo many thousands of fans who went there! Thank God I managed to get right infront! :)

The boys bidding the crowd goodbye!

It was indeed a splendid night! Reached home about 3.30am. :) Really enjoyed with Rachael, Serinnah and Kelly! Met Xuan there too and became friends with her! We all went for Beast concert together later on too. ;)

The concert was great as it was totally FOC. The only thing was the performance started around 9sth pm only and some of the fans are super......
Not only that, i can see the members much clearly compared to Supershow 3! (Some members)

Siwon and Donghae were not present as they were busy with their filming. BUT the remaining members managed to cover up properly and put on a good show for everyone. Definitely no regrets going despite the location and the long hours of waiting!

Looking forward to see them soon!