Friday, October 7, 2011

TGIF once again

TGIF! :) P/S: I Love Patrick! :)

It's finally Friday once again! College was awesome today. :) Classes at 8.30am today. :/
After English, Maths class was cancelled! :D Ended up spending an hour plus finishing up my finance homework. (in the end, wasn't discussed in class AT ALL).

Went lunchey with Ayako, Tracy, Alyssa, Liyi, and Shekvoon at Pyramid, BBQ Plaza. Honestly, I hate cooking the food, so yeaa, lucky I had Alyssa MUMMY to cook everything for me. ;) Zhen Yil came alil while later and ate a little of what I dumped into his bowl.

Reached class ON TIME, (probably about 7mins late). The lesson for today was watching Steve Job's Speech in 2005 during the Stanford's Graduation. I can't help saying that his speech inspired me more than Martin Luther's! The way he delivered his speech was utmost amazing. It is a pity that he ain't around anymore. May God bless his soul. RIP Steve Jobs.:( Thinking about the Apple gadgets in my house, Ipod Nano 3rd Gen, Ipod Nano 4th Gen and Iphone. Without Steve Jobs, none of this would had existed. THANK YOU STEVE! Am pretty sure that he left abundant of ideas and plans on Apple's upcoming future. He won't leave just like that. Fingers-crossed. :)

Can't wait for the Iphone 4s to be out in Malaysia! Am planning to get it from Singapore actually.My aunt stays there and yea, I can get it faster that way.:) All depend now on the released date in Malaysia and Singapore. The con is if anything happens to the phone, I have to wait for my aunt to come back here to bring it back for repairs. :/ (She comes back every month.)

Paranormal Activity 3 will be out on the 20th this month! Am pretty sure it will be freaking scary. :/ So am bringing a guy with me into the cinema for this movie. I mean not all guys can watch this kinda shows so lucky this one guy will be accompanying me.:) Kelvin Yap. :) Honestly, we were from the same high school but never spoken to each other before.LOL. Only recently on Twitter and yea, Twitter is where all friendship actually starts.

Heard FIA will be having a Prom Night. My batch. Jan Intake. :) Finally, I mean LONG-LAST, my batch is actually organizing something. SO far, there's no activities AT ALL. So yea, good job.:) But I have no date for the prom. :(

Till then,


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