Thursday, October 20, 2011


Sushi King, Sunway Pyramid on Tuesday with Ayako, Tracy, Cuddy, Daniel and Zhen Yil. Went straight after class. :)

My mad friend, Ayako.:P (The number of plates)

Camera Shy Guy

She loves Camwhoring.:O

Eat Daniel Eat.

RM 2 Bonanza! Only allowed to eat for an hour and then, they will shoo you out of the restaurant.

Next day, Wednesday. Fell sick. :( and am still sick.:( went see the doc, high fever. And was given puking pills. Haven't been eating for the past 2 days. So yea, another good way of diet-ing. Lost my appetite and if I eat alot, I will end up puking all out.So yea, no use eating also.:/

Still feeling like crap currently. :( And the assignments.:'(

Dang. I'd better go to bed now. Feeling shytttyyyy to the MAX.

Till then,


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