Saturday, October 1, 2011

Amazing Nail Art

Nails! My obsession for nail polishes and nail designs! Recommended nail brands would be OPI and Sally Hansen. Ohh, if you want to get the Shatter Collection, be sure to get the Black Shatter first. It suits any colour. :) (If you have any doubts or enquiries about the Black Shatter, feel free to ask anytime.)

Nail art can be used to express our thoughts and feelings.

Watermelon! SLURP

One of my favourite cartoon character, Sponge Bob!

Totally my cup of tea! The 3rd and 4th nails had been designed amazingly. Not only that, OPI Pirates of The Carribean collection had been used for the thumb and also the baby finger. Love the purple! :)

Sally Hansen. ;)

Simple YET Exotic

Elmo, Sesame Street, you name it..



I love this ALOT! Nail design blended well with the purple colour.

One of the most amazing nail art I've ever observed in my entire life! Cheese nails! The nails were drilled into tiny holes and shaped thus making it look exactly like a real CHEESE!

Done this before about a few months ago!

Simple and Nice. ;)

Before starting on your nails, do remember to put on a base coat or a nail strengthener on your nails. Otherwise, your nails will start to yellow or you will chip nails.:O

You may want to try the Faceshop Nail Strengthener. The outcome is pretty good and definitely worth your money. On the bright side, it does not cost as much as OPI nor Sally Hansen, only below RM10. :)


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