Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

Finally customized my blog! New outlook now. :) No idea whether it's better than last time or not.:O

8.30am class today. Started off with English. :) Spent my Finance class talking with Alyssa almost the whole lesson. (Lecturer just asked us to do these 2 exercises) Maths was kinda fun though. :) Psychology wasn't. :( Was sms-ing Tracy throughout the lesson and yeaa, almost slept. -.-

After class, Zhen Yil and Lbert wanted to donate blood at SSD. Unfortunately, they packed up already. :( So no drama to watch in the end. We all ----> Me, Ayako, Lbert, Tracy, Zhen Yil and Zhi Wei decided to go to SS15's Gong Cha. :) So yea, alil jam and finally reached there around 4 something. Lbert and Zhi Wei reached first. Ordered Earl Gray Tea thanks to Ayako's recommendation. Truthfully saying, it's the worst I've ever ordered so far from Gong Cha. :/ Lbert's one tasted really good. :) Zhi Wei's one also. :/

Everyone gossipped ALOT. Infact, till around 5.40pm. The funniest was Zhi Wei's story. Everyone ended up laughing their heads' off. Best reality joke of the year. :P We discussed about our end year trip too. Going Langkawi now. :) No more Singapore. :( All in all, we had a fun time at Gong Cha. The noisiest there.

Just finished watching Princess's Man on KBS. Infact, finished the whole drama already but yea, rewatching it on KBS again. :) #obsession It's a really good drama. :) Favourite Korean Drama of the Year.

2 more days to go, to see Brian Joo and Alexander perform LIVE! Can't wait man. Will be sitting right infront of them. ;) Hopefully, will have the opportunity to have a snapshot with them. :) Ayako will be going for the day time concert, hence, I won't be seeing her. :"(

Till then,


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