Friday, December 23, 2011

Back For Good

Am blogging once again after almost a month off blogging!

Off day today. Not feeling that well since 2 days ago. :/

Currently working at a place filled with Apple Gadgets. The main reason why I enjoy working there so far is mainly because of the people. However, not all the "people".

Okays, off to the main point. Iphone 4s! Wanna get the phone ALONE. Not tied down with any plans. Thus, need to wait till maybe next year Jan or Feb. :( Was planning to get Samsung Galaxy S2 at first. Then, realized that I can't live without an Apple. :/

Definitely, Iphone 4s would be the better choice. :)

Can't wait for 5.10pm. Music Bank LIVE. ;)

111223 Music Bank christmas special stage setlist!

Shuffle Dance - All the cast

Hot Summer + Pinocchio - F(X)

Intuition + Love Girl - CNBLUE

Goodbye Baby - Miss A

[Special Retro Dance Perf.]

Couple - B1A4

Im your girl - DalShabet

Candy - Boyfriend

Eternal Love - APINK

Angel without Wings - B1A4, Dalshabet, Boyfriend, APINK

Don’t say goodbye - Davichi

Be Mine + Paradise - Infinite

Top Girl + Black&White;- G.NA

[Special - 3 Divas]

Listen - Jieun, Minkyung, Hyorin

Breakdown + special perf. - Kim Hyunjung

So Cool - Ma Boy - SISTAR

[Special Duet]

Lucky - IU & Jung Yonghwa

Starlight Moonlight + Shy Boy + Love is Move - Secret

Fiction - Beast

Roly Poly + Cry Cry - T-ARA

[Special Dance Battle] HyunA, BEAST, G.NA

You and I - IU

Be my Baby - Wonder boys + Wonder Girls

Girls Girls - Wonder Girls

SuperMan + A-Cha + Mr. Simple - Super Junior

Random imagination - All the cast

Till then,