Monday, August 26, 2013

AIA K-POP Concert Malaysia 2013


After how many dinosaur years, am finally blogging once again! Sorry for not blogging for a loooong time. :/

Shall blog about AIA concert today! It was held on the 27th Of June this year. (Months back). It was totally an unexpected concert! As a matter of fact, I wasn't planning on attending the concert. Then when I was in my Cost Accounting lecture, my friend, Wendy came up to me and she showed me 4 VIP passes for AIA concert. (A couple of hours before the actually concert took place). She knew I like BEAST or make it, KPOP in general. So yeah, I called up my peeps and we went for the concert! (Loads of Kenny Rogers FOC) Am so thankful to her as I got to see BEAST once again this year! (seen them in January in GDA). And it was the first KPOP concert that I got to sit down and not queue or anything! HAHA. Missed the VIP dinner reception as we were lost in the stadium and could not find the VIP entrance :')

CEO of AIA giving the welcome speech.

Rockpitt Zone

Everyone present at the concert were given the Pink Star Light sticks including the batteries. (Except I did not bother to on mine)

First performance was G.NA! She's pretty good during her live performance.

4 Minute was the second performer for the night!

And then BEAST! ;DDD Shouted like crazy when Gi Kwang and Doo Joon appeared on the screen! (During a brief video of them) Btw, the lightsticks are pretty clear in this pic!

My first bias in B2ST! 

I could have hopped down and hugged Gi Kwang!

Thank GOD its not Gi Kwang or Doo Joon!

VIP entrance with my ladies!

In the jammm :')

My sincere apologies for the sucky pics :/ Was at the VIP zone and clearly, it wasn't as near compared to the rockzone. But overall, it was an enjoyable concert as I got to sit and relax after all the mind-blowing assignments! And best part, there is not a need to queue and get squashed up with people! HEH. And I got to see BEAST for the 3rd time since their showcase at Sunway Lagoon 2 years back!

Thank you for reading and do look forward for my future post!

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