Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday + Super Junior Obsession

Aloha! It's Monday! Another new week ahead!

Had a great catch-up session with Charis Wong today. :) Though it was for like only awhile, but yeah, realized how much I've missed her since January till now! Supposed to have Zen Q with her today after my class, BUT last minute cancelled coz she needed to study for her accounts exam tomorrow. All the best, Babe! <3

After class, went Pyramid with Ayako and Daniel. Try guessing what I drank? Of all things, CHATIME AGAIN. >:( I think after today, am beginning to feel sick of Chatime. :/ Should really stop drinking it in future.

Ohh! The purpose of this post, or make it, the purpose I am blogging this out is for this fantastic videoo! My friend, Aric, uploaded this video on Suju! :D He is indeed one of the most artistic person I've ever met. ;) It's a definitely a MUST WATCH VIDEO, especially for all Kpop Fans out there! Please do share it among yourselves or as a matter of fact, to EVERY SINGLE ONE! :)

Till then,


Sunday, November 13, 2011


Blogging once again after almost 12 days of not blogging. :/

Had been super busy with studies and assignments. Few sleepless nights=moodless. Last week had been one hell of a week. Felt relieved after passing up the English Research Project.

Exams are 2 weeks plus away and there are still assignments coming in. SIGHS. Replenish all my sleep this weekend. :) Woke up late in the morning, and few hours later, back on bed again. LIFE.:)

Ohhyea I have my Starbucks Card already! :D Am actually more of the Taiwan Dessert Fan. Got the Starbucks Card for funn yesterday night. ;) Reloaded RM 100 thanks to my mum. Wanted to reload lesser but she was like just reload RM100 coz it will finish real fast. So yea, her bill. Thanks Mum! :) The balance currently is less than 60.>:( after just a night thanks to the Chocolate Cream Chip, Mocha Praline and the something Chicken Finger Sandwich thing my mum forced me to buy coz she said my bro wanna eat. (in the end he ate just one.-.-)

My Starbucks Card! :D Free gift was the Card Caddy ( Starbucks Strap and a holder to put ur card) with RM 100 reload. :)

Drank this at 10.30pm. The amount of calories. F**k* Nuffsaid*

Till then,


Friday, November 4, 2011

It's 31ST October, Baskin Robbins Day

Sorry for the late post! :/ Pretty busy this whole week. In fact, super duper busy. :/ Loads of assignments and also presentations. Going cuckoo any sec. :/

Had Baskin Robbins on Monday, 31st! Times flies. Barely a few more weeks and it will be our finals and then, Graduation! Gonna miss those monkeys for a few months. :P <3

Baskin Robbins Sunway Pyramid. :)

What we ordered! :O 5 people ate up the entire gallon. Could barely eat dinner after that. :/

My Beloved Ayako Chihara. <3

My Beloved Tracy <3

Zhen Yil


Ayako took Albert's Phone, so yea, we camwhored with his phone.:D <3

After Baskin Robbins, went Dinner at Nando's. Ayako went home already so too bad for her. NO FOOD FOR HER. :P

It was a great start for the week. However, the remaining days were shytttyy. :/

Nuff said,