Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday + Super Junior Obsession

Aloha! It's Monday! Another new week ahead!

Had a great catch-up session with Charis Wong today. :) Though it was for like only awhile, but yeah, realized how much I've missed her since January till now! Supposed to have Zen Q with her today after my class, BUT last minute cancelled coz she needed to study for her accounts exam tomorrow. All the best, Babe! <3

After class, went Pyramid with Ayako and Daniel. Try guessing what I drank? Of all things, CHATIME AGAIN. >:( I think after today, am beginning to feel sick of Chatime. :/ Should really stop drinking it in future.

Ohh! The purpose of this post, or make it, the purpose I am blogging this out is for this fantastic videoo! My friend, Aric, uploaded this video on Suju! :D He is indeed one of the most artistic person I've ever met. ;) It's a definitely a MUST WATCH VIDEO, especially for all Kpop Fans out there! Please do share it among yourselves or as a matter of fact, to EVERY SINGLE ONE! :)

Till then,


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