Friday, November 4, 2011

It's 31ST October, Baskin Robbins Day

Sorry for the late post! :/ Pretty busy this whole week. In fact, super duper busy. :/ Loads of assignments and also presentations. Going cuckoo any sec. :/

Had Baskin Robbins on Monday, 31st! Times flies. Barely a few more weeks and it will be our finals and then, Graduation! Gonna miss those monkeys for a few months. :P <3

Baskin Robbins Sunway Pyramid. :)

What we ordered! :O 5 people ate up the entire gallon. Could barely eat dinner after that. :/

My Beloved Ayako Chihara. <3

My Beloved Tracy <3

Zhen Yil


Ayako took Albert's Phone, so yea, we camwhored with his phone.:D <3

After Baskin Robbins, went Dinner at Nando's. Ayako went home already so too bad for her. NO FOOD FOR HER. :P

It was a great start for the week. However, the remaining days were shytttyy. :/

Nuff said,


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