Saturday, February 13, 2010

Times Square Marathon!!

Today was awesomeness!!!

Went Times Square with Wan Teng and Foong Lyn..Foong Lyn picked me up early in the morning from my house..then we went to the train station..took KTM to KL sentral 1st..the KTM is like so shittyyy..almost died in the train..the aircond was seriously not working..and KL Sentral is like the last stop..when i got out of the train,i was barely hate malaysia trains..then walked a loong path along Brickfields,KL,and took a monorail to Times Square..the monorail was sooo awesomee!!the aircond was like blasting at full power..=D but it was kinda freaky when you look out from the monorail cause its kinda yea..

We went to Star collection for our 1st stop..but it wasnt we decided to walk around and hunt for this specific clothes shop,Wan Teng said they always play Gil's Generation yea,true enough they did..the most funniest thing was...this LALA guy with a not too long or short hair..he was straightening his hair with iron thongs..and just as he straighten it,the music started playin! (SNSD-Genie)
xD he was like straightening his hair instead of doing his job..=.=' Ps-if u wanna know how he was acting like,u can ask me when u see me the next time..guaruantee u will laugh..=) )

and then,near one of the shops we pass,suddenly we saw this freaking bloody hot British guy!!!hes super HOTT...and really good looking..OMG..never seen such a good looking guy ever..Wan Teng pretended to pose so that i can snap his pic instead of hers..but in the end,it was too obvious..DARN..but manage to have a good picture of him really near..haha..wonder if he realize why we were staring at him..hes bloodyy HOT..oh yea,in the Monorail too,this HOT BRITISH GUY step in the train with his family..around my age i think..he iss soooo GOOD LOOKING..i guess a trip to KL can catch many good looking British Guys..and they are really hotter than Chace must visit KL again..=)

later on,we went Star Collection..and there,was like the most amazing shop!!!!all selling KPOP stuff..took one hour plus in one small shopp..cheers..bought DBSK photo storybook of their vacation in was expensive..=) and bought few other things for Rachael and Emilya..the shop has many multiracial visitors..met a cassiopeia today(DBSK fan) and we were like high fiveing in the shop,and she told me shes Max fan..and i said Hero..=) nice meeting cassiopeias..

next,went to shirt shop and made DBSK shirt!!!it was like self chosen design and and Foong Lyn made the shirt Cassiopeia <3 DBSK Hero and she did the name was a nice shirt..wanted to get the we love JJ shirt from Star Collection..but no more stock..=(

today is a really tiring day..lucky tomorow will be collecting Red Packets..and oh yea,its Valentine's Day tomorrow..wishing i can spend time with all my close friends but have to go Visiting..anyhow,Hapy Valentines Day and Hapy CNY!!!!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Perfect Day?

Friday was exceptionally tiring..had cf,and then badminton.. CF continued watching Fireproof!!! the movie was sooo awesome if the DVD didnt stoped working at the last 10minutes where the most best scene is about to occur..

Badminton in 3k was just as and Angeline played with two younger players..and they were like laughing at us when we couldnt take their shot..WTF..had a muscle pull on my leg so couldnt run..we were like super piss with those two..and i guess i would want a rematch next week..Revenge is sweet..=)

Didnt go school today..was like super lazy to get up from bed and my leg was still pain..supose to play badminton today with Chong JS and Ashley n Angeline..Angeline couldnt make it so i just told Ashley to tell Chong to cancel it off..i guess on monday,he is so not gonna look that happy..cause he wanted to play sooo muchh yea..fingers crossed..=)

seriously cant wait for CNY hol which will be next sat!!!cant wait to go times square too!!! Looking forward for CNY hols!!

Until then..


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back again..Wednesday which was yesterday was awesomeness! chem tuition was canceled made it the best day of the week!!

Todays school was pretty much the same..tomorow will be going 3K for badminton practice again..and lunch will be once again A&W..i guess i wil soon become fatttt!!!! =O will be going Angeline's house first after cf and will walk to her house with Yi Waey..=)

Saturday will be school again..but i just dont think i will be going..Chong JS wants to go play badminton..together with me,Ashley and Angeline..hes going to pay for the court and he said that whoever who didnt go must pay RM50 to him..O.o

Cheryl asked me today or yesterday whether i wanna go pyramid on sat cause we are both school pontengers..i asked her today wether she wana go times need to visit star collection!!!! planned to go with Foong Lyn and all they all to times square during CNY holidays..but that will be like nexx week..=( sooo loong!!!!

Add maths tuition was the BOMB! was sitting with Eric and was like talking to him the wholee didnt realy get the gis of todays topic..=) but Eric is a nice guy and fun to talk yea..=)

Badminton training tomrow..crappy..dont think can play well tomorow..i think i accidentaly twisted my ligaments,,and it kinda hurts..=( hopefully,tomorow everything will be fine or i will be so gonerr..

OMG..just watched the video Afie asked me to was EWWWWW>>>

BRB nextt time..


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Week Of Feb?

Hey There!!

Monday was pretty ok in school since i was like out of class the whole day..=) theres kempen salah laku sifar before recess..and the end part,was with Harshinu..and Guess what we did?? we were suppose to serve tea for the so called important the end,we just open their food plastic..xD we were like so proud of ourselves being cool waitreses..=)

At night,in physics tuition,was like camwhoring with Justine! instead of studying so yea..we decided to take pics of ourselves every monday night..and she even asked me to create a new album on facebook called camwhoring in physics class..xD i guess i just turn her into a camwhorer..

Todays school is pretyy okay..the only negative part was all the subjects got homework..and i received the best news of the week in tuition just now from Thineshwary! CHEMISTRY TUITION CANCELED TOMOROW!!!! cause teacher is sick and so cant teach...(cheers on the bright side)

Friday will be training for Badminton MSSD in 3K again..hopefully wont be feeling body ache the next day..and crappy crap..acidentaly the chair landed on my toe..=( and now my toe seriously hurt..

Tiring day for the past 3 days..have been sleeping sooo late..slept at 1am and wake up at 5 something..thats hardly a few hours yea..better get my beauty sleep today..

XOXO-Gossip Girl-<3