Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back again..Wednesday which was yesterday was awesomeness! chem tuition was canceled made it the best day of the week!!

Todays school was pretty much the same..tomorow will be going 3K for badminton practice again..and lunch will be once again A&W..i guess i wil soon become fatttt!!!! =O will be going Angeline's house first after cf and will walk to her house with Yi Waey..=)

Saturday will be school again..but i just dont think i will be going..Chong JS wants to go play badminton..together with me,Ashley and Angeline..hes going to pay for the court and he said that whoever who didnt go must pay RM50 to him..O.o

Cheryl asked me today or yesterday whether i wanna go pyramid on sat cause we are both school pontengers..i asked her today wether she wana go times need to visit star collection!!!! planned to go with Foong Lyn and all they all to times square during CNY holidays..but that will be like nexx week..=( sooo loong!!!!

Add maths tuition was the BOMB! was sitting with Eric and was like talking to him the wholee didnt realy get the gis of todays topic..=) but Eric is a nice guy and fun to talk yea..=)

Badminton training tomrow..crappy..dont think can play well tomorow..i think i accidentaly twisted my ligaments,,and it kinda hurts..=( hopefully,tomorow everything will be fine or i will be so gonerr..

OMG..just watched the video Afie asked me to was EWWWWW>>>

BRB nextt time..


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