Saturday, February 6, 2010

Perfect Day?

Friday was exceptionally tiring..had cf,and then badminton.. CF continued watching Fireproof!!! the movie was sooo awesome if the DVD didnt stoped working at the last 10minutes where the most best scene is about to occur..

Badminton in 3k was just as and Angeline played with two younger players..and they were like laughing at us when we couldnt take their shot..WTF..had a muscle pull on my leg so couldnt run..we were like super piss with those two..and i guess i would want a rematch next week..Revenge is sweet..=)

Didnt go school today..was like super lazy to get up from bed and my leg was still pain..supose to play badminton today with Chong JS and Ashley n Angeline..Angeline couldnt make it so i just told Ashley to tell Chong to cancel it off..i guess on monday,he is so not gonna look that happy..cause he wanted to play sooo muchh yea..fingers crossed..=)

seriously cant wait for CNY hol which will be next sat!!!cant wait to go times square too!!! Looking forward for CNY hols!!

Until then..


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