Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Week Of Feb?

Hey There!!

Monday was pretty ok in school since i was like out of class the whole day..=) theres kempen salah laku sifar before recess..and the end part,was with Harshinu..and Guess what we did?? we were suppose to serve tea for the so called important teachers..in the end,we just open their food plastic..xD we were like so proud of ourselves being cool waitreses..=)

At night,in physics tuition,was like camwhoring with Justine! instead of studying so yea..we decided to take pics of ourselves every monday night..and she even asked me to create a new album on facebook called camwhoring in physics class..xD i guess i just turn her into a camwhorer..

Todays school is pretyy okay..the only negative part was all the subjects got homework..and i received the best news of the week in tuition just now from Thineshwary! CHEMISTRY TUITION CANCELED TOMOROW!!!! cause teacher is sick and so cant teach...(cheers on the bright side)

Friday will be training for Badminton MSSD in 3K again..hopefully wont be feeling body ache the next day..and crappy crap..acidentaly the chair landed on my toe..=( and now my toe seriously hurt..

Tiring day for the past 3 days..have been sleeping sooo late..slept at 1am and wake up at 5 something..thats hardly a few hours sleep..so yea..better get my beauty sleep today..

XOXO-Gossip Girl-<3

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