Sunday, January 31, 2010


Am back again..Todays like the usual Sunday Morning..woke up early,went church..i thought the first thing in the morning i'd see will be my buddies Rachael and Sarah..was speaking to Samantha Robless..then the teacher whom i'm helping in sunday school asked me to follow her to class!!!! and guess what?? she asked me to cut papers for the art and craft.. What a blissful Sunday to begin with! thought i could go see Sarah first cause havent seen her in two weeks!!!and i miss her soo much!!! <3 and was thinking i could see Rachael..but she was no where to be found in the kids service..but Sarah was there so yea..=D

During Youth Service,Sarah couldnt stay was sitting with Rachael and Jason..and Rachael was staring at her ahem..=)) ,<3 hahaxx..xD hottie alert for her!!!=) so we were like sort of talking the whole time during youth service..(sorry abt that!!) was too sleepy that time..kept yawning..xP

Watched Tennis Men Finals Aussie Open!!! Federer was superb..and Andy Murray was soo gloomy..=.= just feel like learning how to play tennis after watching all the tennis matches!!!! i will try one day..=)

Crap..tomorows monday,and i soo hate mondays!!! =(

Mondays are so not my fav days..looking forward for Friday!!! Christian Fellowhip!!and Youth Service also!!! cant wait to watch the next part of fireproof!!!the movie is just awesomeness!!!

XOXO-Gossip Girl-<3

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