Saturday, January 30, 2010

Out Of Boredom

Am bored and am on facebook..then,the guy,whos a maseleh who added me on fb few months ago..suddenly came and facebbok chat with me!!!OMG..and hes HOT..xD and he said hes from United Kingdom.. =) and he even knows Malaysian time..haha..but he keep saying the word cool..and babe,,LOL..i guess guys from overseas are really different from the guys here.. OMG..he asked to meet up when i'm going to UK to visit my aunt..=O and hes younger than me by a year..just a year..haha.. and i'm like updating Rachael now about our chat..hahaha.. its just soo cool if i get to study in overseas..i'm so aiming for UNITED KINGDOM..xD

No idea why guys who are born in year 1994,are hotter than guys who are born in 1993..honestly speaking..

XoXo-Gossip Girl-<3


  1. haha.. lol.. the guy is not hott lah.. he look normal oni.. no offence ya BABE! hehe.. ;)