Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday AGAIN

Classes ended at 2PM today. :) Classes were just normal today.

Remembered during Finance Class, lecturer gave us this question to do. And she didn't give us the answer.=.=' Almost went amok trying to get the right answer. (Calculating the interest) Kept asking Daniel, John and Lijean about the answer and every sec comparing my answer with Daniel. Finally, went to Castrine, and got then answers. The ironic part was that the ANSWERS WERE IN THE BOOK. -.- The lecturer could have told us the answers were in the book rather than asking us to check who had the right answer. GG.COM.

Class ended at 2pm. Went to Pyramid with Ayako, Tracy and Zhen Yil. We walked around to see the saloons and finally decided to cut at A-Saloon. :) Took about an hour plus. Ayako and Zhen Yil were standing outside the saloon looking at us(Me and Tracy). -.- I mean, our hair getting chopped off. And yea, the next moment, Sam was there outside and he called my name super loud. That time was shampooing my hair. +.+ Lesson learnt, NEVER EVER cut your hair in Pyramid anymore. :O

After haircut, went over to Zen Q to meet them. Zhen Yil ordered this super huge dessert. :/ And he ended up with brain freeze due to the dessert (ICE) and our dear Ayako took out a fan to fan him just because he felt super cold during that time(in the midst of completing his dessert). Who on earth will fan someone in an air-conditioning place PLUS Cold Dessert.+.+ Any idea how embarrassing was that? There's this group of working people staring at us. They must be like,"This girl is MAD".

Poseidon at 9pm. :) 8.30am class tomorrow. FLIP. :(

Till then,


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