Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Blues (Opposite)

Best Monday I've had so far this year. Usually, Monday Blues always occur. Not this time though.

Today, we had our english presentation for the Rwanda Genocide. Overall, my group did pretty well.:) Good Job Girls! :) It was super tough preparing those slides for the presentation as the informations need to be searched thoroughly and yea, it's hard to actually pick up the right points off the net.:/ Anyways, let bygones be bygones. xoxo

Psychology class was cancelled and ended up attending Talentime. Wanted to skip Talentime actually. In the end, I went since my darlings were going too. Wasn't actually concentrating on the performances.:/ Was busy chatting with Ayako, Tracy and Zhen Yil. And was messing with Albert's Iphone4. :P Downloaded few stuff for him. HAHA. Was fun messing with his phone though. ;)

Also discussed about our end year trip. Everyone wanna go Singapore so yeaa. Might be going Sentosa Island. :) Universal Studios the next time as the queue will be super long and entering would be a waste of money unless it's not a public holiday or something. Either this or we will somehow come up with a plan to go somewhere.

After Talentime, went Pyramid with Ayako. Bought Chatime, Caramel Milk Tea with PEARLS. :D Then we chatted and we saw her lenglui's sister's boyfriend. She said that whenever I'm with her, she will always meet her "Idols". eg, Ker Chi. Yeah, we were there when she was at Zen Q. She was sitting right infront of us and if it wasn't for Ayako, I wouldn't have known her existence. She's really pretty. :)

Watched Poseidon earlier! Can't help saying that Siwon's acting needs alil more improvement. And my parents watched Poseidon earlier too. ;)

I need to CUT MY HAIR! Went into mum's room and asked her awhile ago, "Mum, I need to cut my hair. It looks like crap." She was like, "Make sure you cut it much shorter ar." I was like, "It's my hair".=.= And she said," You pay first then I will pay you back". :) PEACE MUM

Chatting now with Ayako and Tracy on FB on Hair Cut. Ayako wanna watch Dream House tomorrow after 2pm. But me and Tracy wanna cut our hair. :/ How how??!! I guess we will discuss in class tomorrow. Somehow, Tuesdays after 2pm, is normally our movie day. :) Had been watching movie on almost every Tuesdays this sem with the ladies. :)

Anyhow, I NEED A HAIRCUT. So yeaa, hopefully I will be chopping off my hair tomorrow. :/

Ohhyea, my Iphone somehow healed itself today. :O It sorta crashed yesterday afternoon, and today after I charged it, it revived. AMEN. :) And the Jailbreak is still there. Proud of my phone for the very first time. ;)

Till then,


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