Saturday, October 15, 2011


Just reached home not long ago. Thank you Kelvin for fetching all of us go. :) And Rachael and Serinnah. Left Subang about 6.30pm. Called Ayako in the car asking her how was the first session she attended. She practically almost made me DEAF. She was shouting into the phone, "Soooooo cute!!", and she said something about the voices very nice. I actually put it on loudspeaker and everyone in the car could hear what Ayako was talking. LOL. Super LOUD. And Kelvin was like driving and listening to the epic convo I had with Ayako.

Almost reaching the venue, we didn't know which turning to take so called Ayako. I didn't really get what Ayako was saying. :/ Hence, passed the phone to Kelvin to talk to her. He could barely understood what Ayako was trying to say either. Then I spoke to Ayako again and yea, finally UNDERSTOOD what she was trying to say. And TADAA. Found the place. Wisma FGA. At that moment, Ayako called and said she couldn't talk properly earlier as she was drinking Chatime and she was chewing the pearl. =.=' Then she asked something about Shogun since my parents and bro were there eating tonight. Managed to find a parking spot and there were many people there already. :O

Collected our tickets at the booth.

Handouts given about the event while queuing up to enter the hall.

We are at the Rockpitt!! Super right INFRONT.:D

Hall. Its kinda huge. :)

Observe the row the people were sitting. There, Brian and Xander sat.;)

The stairs were like only a few centimetres away from where we were positioned.


Brian Joo and Johnny Lee

Countdown to the start of the rally.


After a few mins of the opening act, (DANCE) Brian Joo and Xander went to their sits! Few meters away from me!! During the worship time, I was turning my head behind to see Brian (Side-View) and I noticed Brian was looking towards my direction. I waved at him for a few seconds. He saw me waving (As I'm the only one doing that during that time) and he actually adjusted his view and waved back at me!!! :DDD That time I was over the moon and I was like telling Kelvin excitedly, "Brian waved back at me!!".

Brian performed first. Xander only came out later on. Brian was AMAZING. His dance, I mean the way he moves while he was singing. Indeed, he showed how professional he was in performing LIVE infront of everyone. AND Brian is a really good singer. :) I was right infront of him and yea, was observing every move he made. HAHA. His english is PERFECT. Love his accent. ;) The technical problem with the microphone volume happened twice. However, Brian and Johnny still tried to sing despite the technical problem. There were of course humours and jokes throughout the concert. :) Xander was super funny.He said something, and suddenly said "Oppa, Saranghae". x) Xander is superr cute. :) He kept smiling every second. Not even once he stopped smiling. :O

It was kinda hard snapping pictures as the stupid securities didn't let us to do so. :/ So yea, I kinda sneaked and took some. :D

3rd Wave Album! :DD With Autographs on it!

After the event, those who had the album (bought) were eligible to have a handshake and autograph session with Xander, Brian and Johnny. So yeaa, within a few seconds, was my turn to shake hands with them. First person, was Brian Joo. I immediately told Brian, "Brian! I Love your song, "It All Ended Admists Love". He was like "Awwwww, Thank you soooo much!!", and he looked at me and smiled for a few seconds. :D

Then Xander, I told him, "Thanks for coming here!!", and he said "Thanks to you tooo!". Moving on to Johnny, I told him, " Thank you for coming to Malaysia and performing for the rally too!". He was like," Ohhh! Thank you soo much for mentioning it! I will definitely come again next time.". Then, the securities shooed us off the stage as we spoke kinda long with them. :/

BUT of course, we shook all their hands! :D Didn't wanna wash off my hands later on. :(

Brian and Johnny's Autograph

Brian's autograph! :D

All in all, tonight's a great night. If only the security won't that strict, I might be able to snap a pic with Brian. BOO. :( Anyhow, at least I get to shake their hands.:D

Till then,


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