Monday, November 26, 2012

Law Talk- Presence of Mr. Kapal Singh

Last Friday! We, the SUBS (Sunway University Business School) Justice League were invited to a law talk by Professor Andrew Harding. We were given the priority to sit in the main hall together with 150 people (journalist, reporters, photographers, professor, YOU NAME IT). The remaining 100 students were all in the other hall. 

The arrival of Mr Kapal Singh took me by suprise as I did not know he will be present in this event. :O But ohh yeah, my friend, Lijean got excited :')

Everyone greeted and welcomed him warmly.

Then our hero, Darren went infront to snap his picture. xD 

The speaker during his talk...

Girl Powerrrrrr...

Justice League people together with Mr Victor :)

Justice League group photo with Mr Kapal Singh :) (Sooo many people were queueing up to take a photo with him. I wonder if he does get tired smiling infront of the camera. LOLS. #Justsaying)

With the writer :))

After the event ended, we left about 8 something pm and we were all starving. Sooo, Bak Kut Teh at SS14! ;) 

First dinner of Justice League and ironic part was, all of us were from FIA (BAF, BBM) last year and here we are, all reunited once again.

Btw, Justice League is a new law club (soon to-be-announced) under SUBS :) Do join us in the upcoming future! :)


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