Thursday, January 17, 2013

Samsung Galaxy The 27th Golden Disk Awards Day 1


Finally am blogging once again after a long time. Had been super busy!!

Attended the Samsung Galaxy The 27th Golden Disk Awards! Which was held in Kuala Lumpur at Sepang International Circuit! The event took place on the 15th and 16th this month! Thank God, both days it didn't rain!

The event was punctual as it started right on time! 

The main stage was pretty far and high. HOWEVER, when the artists come forward, vice versa. Trust me, Samsung Galaxy Zone is super freaking close to the artists. If they bend alil forward, you could actually touched them. (E.g, Ailee to this guys phone and yeah, recorded herself.)

Both amazing Emcees! Nicole Jung from Kara and Jung Yonghwa from CN Blue :)

So jeng jeng jeng, whose gonna be the winners of these golden trophies?!!!

Jong Hyun's performance with Juniel :) 
(After tonight, new bias, Jong Hyun from Cn Blue) :')

Congrats B1A4! :D 

After the awards, performance time!

Peniel must be like which trophy should we take or should we take it now or later?? HAHA.

BTOB! Peniel 

 Congrats BTOB! Love your song Insane! :)

Troublemaker- Hyuna of 4Minute and Hyun Seung of Beast


Check out Exo's performance below! 


AHHHHH, EXO-M! Kris is so damn HOT



EXO-M and K performing together! But this time, Kris didn't rap Kai's part :(( Was hoping to see him rap in Korean again. BOO :( 

I swear I shouted like crazy when EXO-M started performing. x))) 

Kris spoke in English mannnn thanking everyone for coming and for their support. OMG. His voice is even sexier in real LIFE  :OO

Beast and Kara coming forward to receive their respective awards! Seeing Beast for the Second time since their showcase last last year :)

Yoseob admiring the trophy/ checking out whether there are any scratches so that he can exchange with Kara IF there is one :')

Congrats Beast!!!

Beast performing Special and Beautiful Night

Kara performed Pandora and Step. Pandora was recorded twice (performed) due to technical errors with the lightings. =_____=''''

Finally get to see Infinite!!!!! 

Woo Hyun holding the trophy like a boss! 

Sung Yeol is sooo funnyy! HAHAHHAHA

Infinite performed The Chaser and Paradise. The Chaser was at the Main Stage :( Thnak God Paradise they came forward :D


SM Family together! <3 p="p">

 No Lee Teuk this time :(

Kangin receiving the award! Earlier was Siwon :)

 Welcome back Kangin! After missing you during SS3!

Leader-Onew giving his speech! Am sure he thanked Mr Lee during his speech :')

Finally get to see Shineee!!!!

Siwon was super high :/

SM Family rules! Day 1 definitely went to SM! 

It was indeed and honor to be able to see all these groups receiving the prestigious Golden Disk Awards! 

Being a huge KPOP fan made this night even more meaningful! Never thought GDA would ever be held in Malaysia!! And yeah, since it actually did happened, I guess the impossibles are always possible. So fingers-crossed. ;) 

And being able to see all the artists performing LIVE and receiving their respective awards was truly amazing. On top of that, it is the first time Shinee and Infinite landed themselves here! Like finally, since their debut!

Finally blogged Day 1! Still more to come though ;) Red Carpet event on Day 2 and also Day 2 itself. 

Stay Tuned!


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