Friday, January 18, 2013

The 27th Golden Disk Awards Red Carpet Event

Attended the Red Carpet Event on the second day of GDA! First day observed the Red Carpet event from far :') Couldn't afford to miss the Red Carpet event on the second day! It was meant for Samsung Zone people only. (INITIALLY). But yeah, Rockpitt and Hallyu were all there. LOLOL. And yeah, it was bloody crammmmm and jam packeddd. On top of that, they even brought something to step on. =.= Awesome organizers man to allow people to bring these kinda stuff into the concert. I shall bring a ladder next time thenn. Even inside the concert people brought stools. I mean WTF?! It's that annoying and you are like blocking everyone's VIEW. Inconsiderate people. But anyhow, back to the main topic. 

The Red Carpet event started of with the ever-stunning beautiful Ailee! My favorite female solo artist singer :)


BAP!!! Same hair color x)

K Will! 

Huh Gak!


L. Joe is soooooo darn cuteee!!!! Changjo so handsome!!!!! I was like YEAHH! Finally get to see Changjo LIVE! ;)

Miss A!

SECRET! No Zinger though :(

Ji-Eun super pretty! 

F(x)! Electric Shock!

T-ara!!!! :D

Ji Yeon is stunning! :) All the guys were either screaming for Ji Yeon, Hyo Min or Eun Jung. So yeahhh.

Epik High!

Finally my idol since long time ago from Big Bang! G-Dragon!!!! 

G-Dragon is sooooo sexxyyyyyyyy! Swag check! ;)



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    1. GDragon's T sign is so amazing!!! Swag man :))