Thursday, November 15, 2012

Virgin Mary Sighting at SDMC

Finally went to SDMC to observe the sightings of the apparition of Virgin Mary on one of the window panels! Wanted to go like yesterday BUT it was raining so plan was clearly screwed :/ It was kinda hard to capture it upfront as it was sooo high up (as in from my point of view/ height). But yeahh, there was a massive crowd and it was indeed phenomenal seeing people from everywhere come to actually observe it with their very own eyes. AND I've finally seen it too with mine :)

First off, at the roadside, I was like where is it?! :O And besides, the ongoing constructions taking place totally distracted me.

The crowd is everywhere. You can actually see the image from far ;) (If the sun ain't glaring. LOL )

Families bringing all their relatives along.

View from across the road

Finally, joined the crowd and it was tough squeezing through the crowd and trying to move closer to a point whereby I can observe the image in  a 5-Star spot. (Unfortunately, FAILED. )

Observe the loooong window panels there. 3rd one :)

There! 3rd one ;)

Apparently, at the 5th panel, there's another image/apparition forming there. Ohhwells, some claimed it to be Jesus, but for now, no one knows :) Let's just wait and see :)

The tent SDMC prepared and also candles for those citing their prayers :) Thank You :) (Credits to Star Paper)



Honestly saying, I did not believe in any of these at first, (the news reports, online news, websites). My first thought when I first came across the news on Facebook was, "This is absurd and definitely not what others are seeing). BUTT. There's always a BUT here. There must be a reason why the apparition appeared on SDMC window panel. I mean, why on ALL PLACES ON EARTH, WHY SDMC?? And it's like a walking distance from my home. It could have like appeared in Rome, or churches or other religious places. BUT WHY SDMC? No one (Theologies) has yet to confirm that it is the image of Virgin Mary. But I do believe it is there for a reason. And seeing some people on their wheelchairs going to actually pray over there near the image, the feeling was indescribable. And people around me were actually praying while gazing at the image. Some stood there for hours just to stare at the image. RELA people were also helping around, e.g, controlling the traffic (JAMMMM), and helping those who needed extra hand. (those on wheelchairs). 

I do believe in miracles, and though ain't a Catholic but a Protestant, I sincerely believe that this is something extraordinary. Go there and see it with your very own eyes :)

Till then, 

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