Monday, November 12, 2012

Majorlica Majorca Booth

Finally am blogging again after being away for like almost a year! :)

Darn busy with Uni :/ University life ain't easy when it comes to all those tedious assignment =/ Thank God the tough part is all over ;) Law is by far the worst assignment ever. 

And yeah, our marketing assignment. 3 days of promotional booth for the upcoming Majorlica Majorlica product, Creme De Cheek at Energy Hub. Honestly saying, it was kinda a pure waste of time. Except for the experience learnt which was to know who can do work, and who can't. So yeah. The worst part for the booth week was juggling in between the Nielson Case Study which was due on the same week. It was indeed a horrible week after all the sleepless nights for law assignment the week before the booth thing. But oh wells, no pan no gain as the saying goes ;) 

The board for the booth! :) Amazing circus lightings! Thanks Kai Leong for helping out the whole morning especially the lightings part! Skillful ;)

Registration for those who visit the booth :)

Lucky draw box ;)

Circus tent done by Yushan and her cousin (I think)

Commentsss :)

Gifts for the lucky draw ;)

The booth given.....

Caleoo :)

Patricia! :)

Crazy girl once again :) <3 p="p">

Group members

Polaroid with Pat :)

Putting on Cream De Cheek for the bookmark. LOLOL

Stayed back at Uni till dawn on Friday to finish up the Nielson stuff. Super relieved after finishing the case study. Ironic part was next day Saturday during marketing lecture, the lecturer taught about Market research and insights. -.-' And we did the case study without any prior knowledge on what on earth are Insights and Marketing Research. But we were on track :)

After completing everything :) Made a random guy (student) from SSD to help us take a pic :)
(From right, Yushan, Lijean :) Caleo MIA. 

That's all for tonight! After not blogging for so long, am finally back :)

You know you love me...

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