Friday, September 30, 2011


It's finally Friday!

Had class early in the morning.As early as 8.30 am. I hate early classes.:(

English presentation is due next Tuesday, same goes with Finance assignment! I guess my weekend will be fully occupied. LIFE. :/

Sat in Eric's Car today!! :D He drove and fetched me home.:) Not bad driver.:)

Speaking of that, I'm kinda annoyed with people who keep saying why I have driving license but I don't drive. Honestly speaking, it is my own life and it is my own wish and decision whether I want to drive or not. It's not like you even paid for my driving lessons nor my license. SO why must you bother so much about it? I had my driving license since March. The thing is, whether I drive or not, it's really none of your business so yea. #myob

Tonight's gonna be a looong night. Hitting on assignments.


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