Friday, September 30, 2011

Music Bank Day!

Music Bank was awesome today! Hwanhee's comeback with his new song, Infinite's Paradise, Kara's Step Up, U-Kiss's Neverland and Super Junior, A-Cha!

Favourite Performances of the Day. ;)

Super Junior's A-Cha Performance. They didn't managed to get the top spot this week. But yea, am pretty sure they will the following week. Super Junior is really humble. Even though they did not claim the number one spot today, YET, the smiles on their faces were sincere and unlike some groups, (from my point of view) Ta-Ra, when the girls lost to Super Junior, their facial expressions all changed. However, Super Junior looked as if they had won or something.

Hwan Hee's Comeback with So You Don't Know. He's an awesome ballad singer and I love Ballad songs.:) Prefer his previous song, Love Pain though.
Infinite! Second favourite band after Super Junior! INSPIRIT. They performed Paradise today! It was all in all a great performance. BUT Sung Yeol only sang one line. AGAIN. :(
Even in their previous song Be Mine, he sang the equal amount of lines. WHYY can't they give him more lines?!! Woo Hyun And Sunggyu as usual sang the most. L's attire today was almost the same as the one he wore for his repackaged album shooting.:)

As I'm blogging this out, my friend Kelly told me she has an extra Super Junior's Mr Simple Ver A album!!!! OMGGG.And guess what?! Donghae's Cover! :D Confirmed getting it from her! Finally am getting the album! LONG LAST.

Over The Moon Now. :'D

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