Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Splendid Wednesday

College was definitely fun today.:)

Celebrated Ayako's Birthday today! It was an early suprise birthday as we wanted to celebrate it at night (Eat, Karaoke) BUT she couldn't make it at night. Thus, we just celebrated it at college and after class, another one at Sunway Pyramid.

First stop: College's cafeteria

Birthday Girl :)She was suprised. Kinda.:)

Smiles. :)

Green Tea Cake from RT Pastry, Her Favourite. :) Credits to Gary for helping to get the cake. Cheers.:)

After Psychology class, went Pyramid! Jusco first. :O

The groceries we bought. Junk food mostly. ;)

Camera SHY

Moving on to our YUMMY DELICIOUS Place! DELICIOUS.

Menu with various yummy food. :)

Cosy and romantic environment. Certainly not suitable for a bunch of noisy girls.

Mouth-watering! SLurrppppp. :D

What we Ordered. :)

Something banana with Vanilla Ice Cream and Caramel. YUMMY to the MAX!


Strawberries! Its actually biscuit in it. Tasted really GOODDD.

Bread Pudding!

Group Photo! Check out the guy at the mirror. He was like, "Yi,ENG, San, Si!!! Only he snapped. We ended up laughing our heads off as no one counts till 4, and it wasn't a need for him to say it in Mandarin. =.='

Two Geishas

This is for Ayako Chihara.:)

Happy 19th Birthday!! Have a Great One! ;) Saranghaeyo!

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