Saturday, April 30, 2011



Yesterday was Easter rally! at my high school.(: Met back all my darlings! Missed them ALOT! Daven, Ryan, Judson, etc etc. Esther and Sam were there too! Ohh, Kelvin and Henry as well. Was kinda a reunion for us. Walked with Rachael to my high school from her college there.(:

After rally, Daven's mum fetched us to Meeples! And yea, we played the free game there.HAHA. Kinda a not bad game for a free one.(:

After Meeples, BUBBLETEA!;D I brought Ryan to try Chatime's Bubbletea while Daven and the rest went to our usual Bubbletea shop, Drinks Maniac. Paid for Ryan's bill.:)

Had a super great time with them!Gonna meet them up again as soon as possible.;)

Barney slippers-backstage of hall.:D

Junkfood given out during rally. No offence, but it tasted really bad! :/ Till the Dino had no choice but to spit out the food out of his mouth.

After bubbletea, me and Rachael were walking back to her house. Then,we saw Jeremy! In front of Taylors across us. And he took nearly 2-3 minutes to cross the road!xD

After exchanging out goodbyes, off we go to Van Buerle's house.:)

At night, PAN MEE! For the college group only.;) Went all the way to Klang to eat. It tasted super GOOD! After our meal, we wanted to go to I-City. But then, Algene overshot, and then we decided to cancel our visit to I-City. I really wanna go there! The lightings from a distance were awesome! And in Korea,there's also one like that.:) I will go there one day.:D

After that, we went Mamak! SS19! Played Angry Bird with Nick and Brandon. I sucked at Angry Bird! Sue Mae is much better than me.):

Thats all for now. XOXO. ;)

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